About Us | Realine Group

The Realine Group is a Salt lake City based hospitality and lifestyle company with a diversified portfolio of upscale nightlife & restaurant venues.

Realine Group is a Salt Lake City-based hospitality and entertainment group founded by Bryan Borreson and Vaughn Carrick. Together, they have been on the forefront of Salt Lake City’s entertainment scene since 2007 and an integral part of its growth and development. From restaurants to nightclubs to music festivals and everything in between, the partners hold extensive knowledge and understanding of the hospitality industry, what their guests want, and how to curate memorable experiences that are more than just a “night out”.

In 2018, after a decade-long run with Elevate Nightclub, Borreson and Carrick shifted directions with the space and transformed it into Soundwell – one of Salt Lake’s premier concert and event venues of its size. In 2020, the partners continued in their expansion efforts and began the development of a dynamic portfolio of independent hospitality brands, including two new bar and restaurant properties: Ivy & Varley.

Ivy & Varley represent all of the qualities that the hospitality and entertainment partners have come to look for in their own nights out – an inviting yet upscale atmosphere, a dynamic and consistently executed menu, and a commitment to great customer service. To these ends, Ivy & Varley provide two of the most unforgettable dining experiences in the city featuring downtown SLC’s largest outdoor patio, a contemporary and ingredient-led menu from acclaimed Chef’s Bobby McFarland, and a thorough attention to detail in both ambiance and guest experience. Ivy & Varley have been thoughtfully designed as the perfect downtown destination to enjoy amazing meals, great drinks, and create epic memories with friends and loved ones.

While Ivy & Varley are situated right next door to one another and share the same kitchen, Varley is uniquely distinguished by its innovative approach to high-end cocktail culture without all the pretense. Maintaining the same modern aesthetic as its sister space, Varley is the perfect setting to share in drinks and dialogue for both the most discernible of cocktail connoisseurs and those simply seeking a cold craft beer or pour on the rocks.